Personal Training

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Welcome to Progressive Movement Training

Our personal training experience is unique in that our trainers provide a smart, targeted program for each individual client. Our collaboration with the Spectrum Physical Therapy staff augments our personal training knowledge. We don’t just give you a standard workout, we give you a progressive workout plan created to fit your individual needs and help you reach your personal goals.

We work with a variety of clients including athletes and fitness enthusiasts looking for professional assistance to take their game to the next level, as well as less active individuals seeking motivation. Whether your goals are sports specific or improving body composition, we can provide a program.

Our goal for all our clients is progression, whether it’s from the minors to the majors or just the couch to the treadmill. We will design a program that takes into consideration individual movement patterns; the way you walk or step in everyday life, and how that affects your workout. We “prehab”, which means we design a workout so that you don’t end up in rehab because of a sports injury. We include neuromuscular education and training in our workouts so that your training can improve how you perform day-to-day activities.